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“Don’t leave what happens to your body when you die to someone else. Making informed decisions about your death is a feminist act, and an important part of your legacy,” she says. “Smash the patriarchy with your corpse!” - BUST Magazine


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"For many of us, working with death is an act of resistance. It is our way of reclaiming our space, our bodies, our lives and ourselves." 

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“We've had our bodies subject to rules and laws created by men for centuries, it is a feminist act to have the final say over what happens to your corpse when you die” - Dazed


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“The roots of inequality, racism, and social marginalization are all grounded in our fear of death,” Chavez said. - The Establishment


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"For centuries Spanish colonists and the church tried to eradicate these traditions but they endured. We endure," she said. "We have been through a lot — both Chicanos here at home and the people of Mexico — it will take a great deal more than cookies to oppress us."  - Mic


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